Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Pumpkin Patch #3

Last Wed. Oct. 20, we finally took Cooper to this large Pumpkin Patch on 1st and Nees. I say finally because for months now they have been constructing this Pumpkin wonderland, complete with a giant pumpkin tent and monster that you can walk through. I've heard nothing but "look at pumkin tent" from the back seat for 2 months every time we get in the car. So we took him, finally, and he walked right up to the pumpkin tent, touched it, and walked away. They had the giant slide... you know the one where you ride down on a burlap sack and catch air on the humps no matter how much you weigh. They even had some carnival games complete with their very own breed of "carnies". And of course we got to pick out a pumpkin. Coop could care less about the pumpkin as long as he could ride the slide with Papa one more time. Sam... she liked her baby sized pumpkin best of all!

Monday, October 25, 2010

Hanging Around the House

Here's some pics from the last few weeks of the kids hanging out at the house. I can tell they're gonna be trouble together really soon!

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Monterey Bay Aquarium

Dave, Sam and I drove over to Monterey on Frid. Oct. 15 to spend the weekend and pick up Cooper. He had been having so much fun with his Papa and Grandma in Monterey. He slept zipped inside his Buzz Lightyear tent every night. We all got to go to the Aquarium on Sat. morn. Cooper was on overload. There is so much to see and do.

Pumpkin Patch #2

On Wed. Oct. 13 I drove the kids to Casa De Fruta where we met Papa and Grandma Lebda. They took Coop home with them to stay for a few days. We got to play and explore some before Sam and I had to head back to Fresno. Casa de Fruta even had a little pumpkin patch of their own.

Pumpkin Patch #1

On Tues. Oct. 12th I took the kids to a Pumpkin Patch with some moms from church. I just saw it was free and we went.... it was way the heck out west... yes folks we were almost in Kerman! It was a little family owned farm and Coop had fun. (despite the October Fresno heat). He got to feed leaves to sheep, walk through a dark hay maze, take his picture in front of a giant pumpkin and even ride on a hay ride. His favorite part was ringing the Halloween doorbell to go into the hay maze. It was a fun little morning adventure.

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Ice Cream at Sonic

Since we were hot and tired from the 2 hour parade we didn't go into the actual Kerman Harvest Festival, so that night we took Coop out for ice cream at Sonic. He was in heaven and now every time I drive by Sonic he says "ice cream?" It was a fun evening outing for the fam. Unfortunately Sam can't enjoy ice cream with us yet, but she likes to get out of the house too.