Thursday, September 16, 2010

10 months

Yep she's 10 months old now.... Still sportin' the CRAZY hair

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Our 9 Year Anniversary!

After lugging all our stuff all around Pier 39 we finally made it to the boat. After we unpacked we headed over to our Alcatraz tour. It was super windy! Luckily the ferry ride was only 10 min or I might not have gone.

Once we got back to the boat we relaxed and enjoyed the "gentle" rocking.

On Saturday we spent the day shopping down at Market Street. That night we dressed up in our "new" purchases and headed over to Scoma's for dinner. It came highly recommended.

We packed up Sunday morning and said goodbye to the boat. We headed off to Castillo Di Amarosa Winery in Calistoga.

We took a tour of their castle!

That's right folks it's been 9 years since we said "I Do". Plus we vacationed on a budget... yes it's possible!

Mom's Shoes

So I knew some day Samantha would want to dress up in my heels but little did I know.... I came around the corner the other day and guess who had put my shoes on? It was too funny and cute not to take a picture.

Retirement Party

On Aug. 20 and 22 we celebrated my dad's retirement. Frid. night was his PG&E dinner where they honored several retirees. On Sunday we had a family and friends party at Meadow Lakes. It was a really nice day. The kids played and lots of our friends and family hung out and visited. It was the perfect way to celebrate!