Friday, July 30, 2010

Gault Wedding

On July 10th Dave and I attended the wedding of my good friend Dylan. It was a gorgeous wedding up in Oakhurst. We got to make a little weekend out of it while the kids stayed home with grandma and grandpa Lebda. The ceremony was outside and everyone stood around a cute little pond. The reception was also outside and the whole evening turned out perfect. The bridsmaids dresses were so cute, and of course Bree the bride was beautiful. They have been together a long time and this wedding reflected them and their relationship so well. It was fun for me to see a lot of friends I went to school with and hadn't seen in years. We had a great time celebrating Dylan and Bree and the start of their new life as a married couple!

First Movie!

On July 9th we took Cooper to see his first movie in the theater. We saw Toy Story 3. He did so good. He was so overwhelmed at first with all the previews. He just stared at the screen, almost without blinking. We took puffed corn snacks and he munched on them without even looking at the bag, eyes glued to the movie screen. He also is still too little to sit in the theater chairs by himself... they fold up... so he sat on our laps the whole time. He got a little bored toward the middle of the movie but once the ending action picked up he finished watching it. Such a fun experience and a great movie!

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

4th of July

We Bar B Q'd at our house for the 4th. Bill, Michelle, Jet, and My parents came over. After dinner we had a fireworks show in the front yard. I love the picture of Cooper with all the fireworks on the tail gate of the Toyota truck and the beer in the mix.... Yes we are red neck but isn't that what this country is founded on darn it we should celebrate! Jet didn't care too much for the fireworks but it may have to do with his needing bed more than being scared. Of course we always end the night with sparklers. Some day I'll teach Coop and Sam how to write their name with it.

Zoo with Cousin Jet

So we got over our sickness and got super busy! We went to the zoo with cousin Jet on June 29th. It was hot but we had fun anyway! I think Sam and Jet are still a little to young for the zoo but it's just nice to be outside. Cooper tried to feed the Giraffes but they weren't hungry so he settled for digging up dinosaur bones.