Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Portuguese Celebration Parade

This last Sunday Cooper was asked to march in the Kerman Portuguese Celebration Parade by my cousin Camille. She was the Queen this year in the parade and as the host of the Kerman Parade she got to have an extended court marching with her. Cousin Teah marched too. I was actually pleasantly surprised at how well Cooper did. He held Teah's hand and marched almost the entire way to the church. The parade starts at the Portuguese hall and ends at the Catholic Church. Once there everyone attends mass and the procession marches back to the hall. Back at the hall a Portuguese classic dish of "Soupish" is served. We got to march alongside them and take pictures. This is a tradition I have been involved since I was little. I was an attendant but never the queen. It's amazing how the dresses and capes have changed over the years. They are very elaborate and ornate now... oh and lots of the girls had strapless gowns! We would never have been allowed to wear strapless gowns into church. It was a fun day spent with family and brought back lots of memories for me and my cousins. Dave got to experience some of my family and culture

Sammy's 6 months

I'm calling these her 6 month pics. I made Dave do a photo shoot in the grass at the Motorcycle ride. I took her to the Dr. for her 6 month appointment on her 6 month birthday. She is 14 lb and 26" long. She seems to be growing along the same curve as Cooper. The Dr. said the next thing to work on is getting her to sit up on her own.

Motorcycle Ride 2010

On May 2 we had the Motocyle Ride/Bar-B-Q. The weather was amazing this year. Coop had so much fun running around in his little Harley overalls, watching all the motorcycles. Little Sam hung out in the baby carrier the whole time. She even fell asleep for an hour and half while I served salads in the buffet line.

My Dad Retired!

So my dad officially retired on April 29! Yay for our new full time babysitter! Just kidding, we are excited for him and his well deserved retirement!

Sammy Rolled Over

So Sam rolled over from her back to her tummy for the first time all on her own on April 28th! Now she does it all the time. She gets mad though cause once she's there she doesn't know to roll back over when she's tired. I am constantly rolling her over to her back and just cause she can, she's back to her tummy and

Winco Grandma Peanutbutter Cookies

So several weeks ago we were in Winco as a family and I was explaining to Dave that I was going to make Peanut Butter Cookies... hence the reason for grabbing the jar of peanut butter off the shelf. Well this little old lady over-heard me and proceeded to give me the "easiest best Peanut Butter Cookie recipe". 3 ingredients people! 1 cup sugar, 1 cup peanut butter, and 1 egg! I know I thought the lady was crazy.. so I tried them that night. They actually worked. Now I wouldn't call them the best cookies ever. I have a better recipe with butter and honey and other yummy ingredients, but if your itching for some super quick and simple peanut butter cookies then these are perfect. I would reccommend chunky peanut butter which is what she suggested also. I know you're gonna make them tonight too!


So life has been crazy busy. I have been using the little bit of free time I have to read my new Beth Moore book and most recently pour my creative brain-power into making fabric flowers. They've become my obsession. It's good to get my mind off the stresses of life and create! I'll try to catch up. We have lots of pics on the camera and sometimes that just gets overwhelming so I don't post at all... but I'll see how for I can get this afternoon on getting up to date. Thanks for being patient and letting me take a break.