Saturday, November 14, 2009

Night Out

So Thurs. night Grandma and Grandpa Lebda watched Cooper and Jet so we could have a dinner out with Bill and Michelle. We took Sam along with us and she just slept the whole time. It was nice to get out of the house and have a reason to put on some make up and real clothes. We ate at BJ's Brewery. Yummy! That's the first place we took Coop too.

Life at home

She's adjusting to life at home. Here's some more pics. I just love dressing her in her little girl clothes!

Samantha Jo has arrived!

She arrived last week and we have been adjusting to life with a toddler and a newborn. My labor experience was much shorter and easier with little Sam, than it was with Cooper. I went into the hospital last Thurs. night at midnight and she was born at 3:58 Frid. morning. She weighed in at 6lbs 8oz and 19 3/4" long. (the exact same size as her big brother). Dr. Dorough was on call Thurs. night so he was there once again to deliver our baby. She has lots of dark hair on the back of her head, but not much on top. So far she's been a great baby, eating and sleeping well. Cooper loves her. He says "baby" and touches her softly and gives her kisses and he is most concerned when she's crying. Dave has been home all week to help keep big brother occupied. We've had help from Grand parents and food from friends. I am on my own with both kids next week, so please pray I can keep it together on little sleep! We feel so blessed and are so happy to have another addition to our little family.

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Baby #2 Update

I went to the Dr. this morning. He said my cervix has done a lot of the work already. There are never any guarantees but it really should be any time now. I haven't been feeling good since last night but no consistent contractions yet. The Dr. also thinks this delivery will be faster than Coop's... again no guarantees but based on my exam he said when I start having regular contractions I should head to the hospital. So we're ready and waiting. I am just trying to rest as much as I can! She still has some time to be born on her Grandpa Ron's birthday which is today!

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Flu Shot

Last Frid. I took Cooper to get his Flu shot. We walked to the Doctor's office. It is literally that close to our house. He was so tough for his shot, he didn't even cry at all. The nurse gave him an Elmo sticker and blue sucker. He ate that sucker till his lips were blue. He carried it around outside and at one point Dave had to wash it off because he had stuck it on the cat and it was covered in cat hair! It was really a treat for him.


So Coop dressed up as Spider Man on Sat. for Halloween. His little hat was too big and he didn't like wearing it so it didn't stay on too long. Cousin Jet was a little cow and our other friends that went Trick or Treating with us dressed their kids up as a Monkey and a Princess (her shoes even lit up). This is the 1st year since I've lived in this neighborhood that we have gone out Trick or Treating. There weren't a lot of kids and houses handing out candy but it was just enough for Coop to get the experience. Luckily he got a sucker at the very 1st house. He was set after that. He got the hang of it, walking to the door, knocking, grabbing a piece of candy, and then signing Thank You. He'd walk back, hop in the stroller and on to the next house. It was a fun evening and we were even home in time to pass out candy from our door.