Thursday, August 27, 2009

San Francisco and celebrating 8 years!

This past weekend Dave and I went to San Francisco. Cooper stayed home with papa and grandma. We had a great weekend in the city. We did lots of shopping, walking and eating. It was so nice to wear warm clothes! On Sat. morning we ate breakfast at a place called Mama's where the wait is always an hour. That night we rode the Trolley Car down to the warf and had a late dinner at Joe's Crab Shack. Sunday we walked around Pier 39 and then drove over to Sausalito before heading home. It was a nice way to celebrate 8 years of marriage!

Ice Cream Zoofari

I am certain papa got some better pics, but we took Coop to the Ice Cream Zoofari 2 weekends ago. Last year he wasn't able to eat any since he hadn't had dairy yet, but boy did he make up for it this year. He got lots of sample from ours. It's always a fun event, although it seemed hotter this year. (maybe it was the extra weight I was carrying around?)

We had Michelle's baby shower a few weekends ago. (Yes I've been busy and haven't had time to post) It was so nice. We were able to have it at Bill and Michelle's house. They got lots of fun stuff for little Jet! Her friend Melissa made a delicious and cute cake for the occasion. She is now just 5 weeks away and we can't wait to meet him.


Coop loves to put on my big 'ol sunglasses. He holds his head carefully to keep them on. I just think he looks so cute when he does it.

Baby # 2 Update

We went to the Dr. this morning. He said I am 29 weeks. Everything looks good with baby Sam. I am having lots of contractions, but of course they're not consistent, or even really painful... just a reminder I need to rest sometimes. We're still working on getting Samantha's room cleared out so we can start setting up. We now have all her furniture so we're getting close to the fun part.