Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Outside Playtime

Coop loves to play outside but that's almost impossible when the highs are reaching above 100 degrees everyday. We have discovered though that if we head out to the backyard around 9am he can play for an hour and it's actually really nice. I sit in the shade on the hammock and from my little swing I have a view of the backyard. Coop gets to run around and expolore. Today he went down his slide all by himself, twice! This is something new for him to do all alone. He climbs up, sits and slides down. He doesn't get the landing yet which is why he only had the guts to do it twice. It's such a nice way to spend our mornings before the heat sets in.

Thursday, July 23, 2009

The Cozy Coupe

Cooper got a Little Tikes car a couple of weeks ago and because it's so dang hot in Fresno we've just kept it inside. He loves climbing in and out of it. He turns the key and honks the horn. It even has a cup holder in the back for his sippie cup. If we park it in the living room, he'll sit in it and watch the tv through the windshield like his very own drive in movie. Such fun times!

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

New Haircut and 1st Swim Lesson

Cooper got a hair cut on Tues. morning and now he looks just like daddy! He also went to his 1st swim lesson Tues. afternoon. He did good and went under water several times. The teacher is very sweet and patient and our cousin Lisa is so nice to let us use her pool. He's getting to be such a big boy.

Sunday, July 5, 2009

4th of July

On Frid. we drove up to Shaver to spend the day on the lake. We got there around noon and Coop played all day in and out of the water. That night we loaded up on the boat to head out to the middle of the lake for the Fireworks. Cooper really thought they were cool this year. He was so delerious by the time they were over. I was done too. An entire day in the sun was enough for me. We put Coop in the car to drive down to my parents house and he was asleep before we even got out of the campgrounds. He was so out that he didn't even wake up when Dave un-hooked his car seat at the house. We got up Sat. morning and went back out on the lake for a few hours. As we headed back to the car on the boat Cooper fell asleep in his life jacket, with wind, music, waves and all. He was so exhausted Sat. afternoon that he slept as I took off his life jacket, carried him to the car and backled him in his car seat. He napped all the way down the hill. Last night we Bar B Q'd and did fireworks at home with Bill and Michelle. Cooper loved watching the fireworks so close, but he wasn't too sure about the sparklers.

Bob the Builder

So Dave and I have been on vacation since the middle of last week. We have been enjoying a stay-cation at home and wanted to experience some of Fresno... so we took Cooper to the Bob the Builder exhibit at the Fresno Met. Coop enjoyed parts of the exhibit. There was one area with buckets of balls that he liked playing in. Overall we were disappointed in our experience. There weren't any other exhibits there, so it cost us $18 for Coop to play with a bucket of balls for an hour. The exhibit may have been more fun for older kids. There were some areas with interactive tools and experiments, but Coop was just to young to get it.

Hours of entertainment for $1

We went to the dollar store last week and bought Coop a windmill and he had hours of entertainment with it. He blows in the air and then holds it in your face till you blow on it and make it spin, then he laughs histerically. So much fun for only $1!


So I got a mommy-cation. (How's that for new lingo) I got to go and visit my BFF in colorado for 6 days with no Coop! Dave took me to the San Jose airport on Tues. afternoon where I hung out for 4 hours. It's not the ideal airport to hang out in but I caught up on my reading and enjoyed some time all to myself. I got into Denver late that night. Jo met me at the airport and we made the hour drive to Monument where they live. On Wed. morning we got up and took the kids over to the Garden of the Gods. It's a beautiful area to walk around with huge red rocks. While I was there New Life had several conferences going on and we got to hear some awesome worship music. We saw Chris Tomlin, Leeland, Kari Jobe and the Desperation Band. We also took the kids to a really nice park one day where Joanna discovered Kadence could push Keaton in the swing while she got a break on the bench. (Made me excited for the day my 2 are older) We had some girl time at Starbuck's on Frid. night where I got to meet most of the friends she's made in Colorado. They were all super cute and very nice. On Sat. Robby came home for a little, while Jo and I went shopping at Super Target. Now despite my beef with Target and their horrible return policies I still enjoy shopping there and had fun experiencing a Super Target which we don't have in Fresno. That night we took the kids to the church and got to have some time together. We got pedis, had dinner at CPK and ended up at Starbuck's for a cookie and coffee. Sunday morning I experienced a service at New Life. It's a very big church but an awesome service with lots of worship and a pastor not afraid to talk about taboo topics! (he spoke on Proverbs 5... look it up) The whole Kurtz clan piled in the car to take me to the airport Sun. evening. Colorado was beautiful with thunderstorms every afternoon. I truly enjoyed time with my best friend, experiencing her life in the Rockies, and getting to hang out with her cute little kiddos and a little time catching up with Robby. Thanks JO. But I did certainly miss my boys at home and was so happy to see them when I got off the plane in San Jose late Sunday night.

Father's Day 2009

So this is blog catch up. Father's Day weekend we got a visit from Grandpa and Grandma Lebda, so we had dinner at Uncle Bill and Aunt Michelle's. This included a nice patio dinner where Coop got to snack on Watermelon and dirt! On Sunday we went to church and then headed up to Papa and Grandma Quaid's for dinner. Dave and Coop took their annual pic in their hats. (check out last year's here ) Father's Day proved to be a little un-lucky for poor Coop. He just had a bad day including a fall on Grandma and Papa's patio that resulted in a nasty fat lip. Poor buddy!