Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Our Tues.

So this morning Coop went down for his morning nap. Once he was quiet I looked in the video monitor and saw this. He had fallen asleep with 1 leg on the side of the crib, thumb in mouth, passed out on his back. I thought it was so cute and funny I tip toed into his room and took a picture of it. He must have been sleepy because he didn't even move when the flash went off and I tip toed out.

This afternoon we went over to Coop's girlfriend's house and visited with Ashley and her mommy Becca. It was so cute to watch them. Ashley was so in to Cooper and he was so in to her toys. Typical boy girl relationships. They did play together. We caught them making googlie eyes later in the playdate. We can't believe they're almost 1!

Monday, September 29, 2008

The after bath photo shoot!

Tonight after Cooper's bath I let him play around his room before I put his clothes on. I realized his room makes the perfect backdrop for black and white photos because of all his bedroom furniture. I took some cute pics of his baby bootie, but these were the internet safe ones.

Last Lake Day of '08

Yesterday afternoon we drove up to Shaver after church to enjoy one last day on the lake for the season. It was a nice day and we found a cove at the back of the lake all to ourselves. Bill and Michelle joined us later in the day. We played ladder ball, drank beers and ate a yummy Bar B Q'd dinner thanks to my parents. What a way to spend our day of rest, with the fam. at Shaver Lake!

Saturday, September 27, 2008

A night out!

So last night Grandma and Papa Quaid offered to take Coop for the evening, sooooo Dave and I went out to dinner. Yes we ate at the Cheesecake Factory and then went to Borders for coffee. It was so nice to be out of the house past 7:30 on a Friday night. This morning we slept in, made ourselves breakfast and got started on some projects around the house.... oh and I got to blog. We love our little man, but it's nice to have a break once in awhile.

Friday, September 26, 2008

Cake Decorating 101

My finished cake!

Carissa's Cake!

All together!

Yesterday afternoon Coop and I headed out to Kerman to my Grandma's house for Cake Decorating 101. My cousins Carissa, Te'ah, Sarah, and Joe all came over from Salinas for the day to join in the lesson. My great Aunt Alma was there also to lend her expertise. We learned crum coating, frosting, and some decorating tips. I had really wanted to learn how to make Roses but the frosting recipe was not turning out right and the petals kept falling... so we are in search of a good royal icing recipe that we can use to make roses. My grandma thinks they have changed the recipe for Crisco so that it doesn't have trans fat and that has since affected the icing recipe they use. We were all proud of the cakes we made and it deffinately gave me the bug to start expeirmenting with cake decorating. That artistic side of has a new way to express itself! On our way home Cooper and I stopped to see his other great grandparents too.

Friday, September 19, 2008

Pismo, Friends, a Trailer and 2 Colds....

My 1st Sand Dollar of the Trip.

Dave and Coop at Tahoe Joe's
Kadence playing at Splash Cafe.

Our morning in the trailer.
Coop at the Shell Shop in Morro Bay.

Little Keaton sleeping.
Coop and Dad at the beach!

So last Frid. we headed over to Pismo for the weekend. Our reason: to see the Kurtz Family who were going to be in Santa Barbara for a wedding.... so we decided to make a mini vacation out of it. We camped in a trailer at Pismo Coast Village. Some friends of ours moved to Pismo and let us borrow their trailer. It was so nice of them. On the way over on Frid. it was obvious Cooper was not feeling well... and that continued into 1 horrible sleepless night for me and him. He came down with a cold on top of teething and the only way he would sleep was on me. So with a little rest on Sat. morning we headed over to Morro Bay. We ate our picnic lunch by the water and walked around the Embarcadero. On Sat. evening we took dinner over to our friends house and visited with them and their kids. By Sat. night I could tell I was getting sick too. So we had another not so good night of sleep. Sunday we got up and walked into Pismo where we met up with the Kurtz Family. I was sooooo bummed I couldn't hold little Keaton because I was clearly sick! We ate Splash Cafe with them and then went back to the trailer so the kiddos could nap. That afternoon we took Kadence and Cooper on the beach and then headed over to San Luis for some Tahoe Joe's. On Monday morning after I had another terrible night of sleep I got up early and took a walk along the beach and collected Sand Dollars and rocks. I felt like a little kid walking along the shore looking for perfect Sand Dollars but it felt good to get fresh air. We packed up, took the trailer back, and headed for home. On our way we stopped in San Luis for lunch. Not the vacation we were looking for, but one none the less, filled with Pismo, Friends, a Trailer and 2 Colds!

9 MOnth PiCs!

So last Wed. my mom and I took Cooper to JC Penny to get his 9 month pics taken. This is him ready to go in the car. I attempted to comb the crazy mane for his pics. It's just useless.

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Happy Labor Day

We hung out at Shaver on Sat. and Mon. Sooo nice to relax!

On Monday morning I woke up to this... Papa was giving Cooper wagon rides around the outside of the house. It was so cute, he just hung out all cozy and rode around.
We had a great family weekend. Hope your's was good too.