Friday, August 29, 2008


On Monday Dave and I celebrated our 7 Year Wedding Anniversary. I think we'd both agree this year has been the best since Cooper came into our family!
We went to Estancia on Mon. afternoon and had a couple's massage. Then after dropping Coop off with Papa for the night we went to dinner at Ruth's Chris Steak House. (it just opened here in Fresno). Dave had called the restaurant and told them it was our anniversary so we had a bottle of wine at our table when we got there. He let them choose and it was excellent. It was a Chardonay from Sterling Vineyards. Our dinner was really good and we got lots of food. After dinner we walked over to the movies and watched Tropic Thunder.... which I don't recommend at all. It wasn't very funny, and it had lots of cussing. How disappointing to waste a long awaited trip to the movies on a bad movie. Anyway, although I had my camera with me all day I forgot to take pictures along the way, so we took our own when we got home. It's been an interesting 7 years and I look forward to experienceing together what God has in store for us in the years to come.

Our Monterey Weekend

So I am just now getting to my posts for the week. Last Frid. we drove over to Monterey. Poor Coop had a horrible car ride there and an even worse night trying to sleep. But Sat. morning we all woke up at Grandma and Papa Lebda's and were ready to go. We headed over to the Monterey Bay Aquarium. It was so fun to take Cooper for his 1st trip there. He loved it! His eyes were mesmerized by the fish and jellyfish. In the Splash zone he got to crawl around on a water bed and touch the water. He was at the perfect age to introduce him to the aquarium and we can't wait to take him back. On Sunday morning Dave sang 2 songs at his parent's church and Coop and I headed over to Salinas for cousin Te'ah's baby shower. It was a beautiful day in Aunt Pat's back yard as we ate lunch and opened lots of books for baby Te'ah's library. d

Thursday, August 21, 2008

My attempt at Microsoft Picture It!

This is more what I had in mind when taking this pic. Imagine how good it could be with a nice camera and Photoshop!

Daddy's Guitar

So yesterday was one of those days when I was really wishing I had a nice camera. Cooper found daddy's guitar and I just knew I could get some really special pics if I had a quality camera. So this is what I settled for. Oh well, hopefully for Christmas I can get a good camera to capture those special moments.

Cooper the Party Pooper

On Tues. afternoon we went over to our friend Marissa's house to have a playdate with her son Tycen and Cooper's girlfriend Ashley. It was so cute to see them interact. It's just affirming as a mom to know all babies are different and that's ok! But I only got a cute pic of Ty because Coop got tired and needed a nap and he just wouldn't relax... so I didn't get any pics of the babies together and we didn't stay as long as I had wanted. Oh well we'll have to have another play date!
On Tues. night we went to the Riverpark Farmer's Market so I could get my fresh produce fix. As we were walking around we handed Cooper his bottle and he fed himself for the 1st time. Such a big boy.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Baby Keaton

So I have yet to meet this little guy, but can't wait to see him in person in just a few weeks. He was born to my bestest friend Joanna on Aug. 6 and I just love him already. They have a friend in Colorado who is an amazing photographer, so I STOLE this pic from her blog, but want to tell you to check her out HERE. There are more wonderful pics of the Kurtz family and many others. Thanks Megan for posting these pics of our friends that we miss soooo much.
C U Real Soon Keaton!

Monday, August 18, 2008

Papa and Grandma got a new boat!

Yesterday we drove up to Shaver after church to see Papa and Grandma's new boat. We have all been anticipating it's arrival since June and it's finally here. It was worth the wait. It is sooo nice and roomy. Cooper will be able to enjoy many summers riding in and behind this boat. It was another wonderful afternoon of friends and family on the beaches of Shaver Lake. My favorite part was the sun deck on the back of the boat. That's where I will be spending my afternoons tanning. As you can see Cooper had fun in his pack n play in the shade. He can stand and hold onto the side all by himself and we are so impressed. Grandma even got him to take a little nap. He still hates his life jacket, but what can you do about that.

Saturday, August 16, 2008

Ice Cream Zoofari!

So Sat. night we took Cooper to his 1st ever Ice Cream Zoofari! Well it was his 1st if you don't count last year when he was in my belly. We've been going the last few years with Bill & Michelle and Michelle's family. It's such a fun night full of lots of families, zoo animals, and all you can eat ice cream. Jared, Marissa, and their son Tycen joined us and this year my parents came too! Unfortunately Tycen and Cooper aren't old enough to have dairy so they didn't get any ice cream, but I think Dave secretly fed Cooper a little Sherbert.

Friday, August 15, 2008

Jack and Melania turn 2!!

So today Coop and I got to hang out with all our friends at Wild Water Adventures. It has seriously been years since I have been there. I think we'll be investing in a season pass for next summer. Coop loves the water and he enjoyed sitting in it today and splashing around. Even through the 100+ degree weather we all stayed cool. It was such a nice time celebrating Jack and Melania's 2nd birthdays. Their mommy's were so cute making brown bag lunches, cupcakes and personalized cups for all the kiddos. Cooper is going to feel so special drinking from his own sippy cup! I wish I had gotten more pics but we were just too busy hangn' out. Thanks girls, we had fun!

Monday, August 11, 2008

Our Weekend

Last Frid. Cooper and I headed up to Shaver to spend the afternoon laying out. Ok so I laid out and he enjoyed the shade. It was such a nice day with his grandma and papa Quaid and their neighbor friend. The water felt great. Cooper just loves splashing in the water even when it gets all over his face and it's so cold.... Hey maybe we have the next Phelps on our hands? Speaking of the olympics that takes us to Frid. night. Bill and Michelle came over and we watched the opening ceremonies. Cooper actually watched it because of all the awesome lights and music.

On Sat. I had a little work and Cooper got to hang out in the afternoon with his Papa and Grandma Lebda. We went to dinner that night with the family and enjoyed some good chips and mexican food at Casa Carona.

Finally on Sunday we headed up to Hume Lake for the day. We had hoped to catch the church service but didn't quite get there soon enough. So we hooked up with our friends Preston and Kori and had lunch. Then we all went back to their family cabin and just enjoyed catching up while the kiddos napped. It was such a nice relaxing afternoon with good friends. What a wonderful weekend we had!

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

This post is for Auntie Jo!

Joanna gave this cute little Panchos shirt to Cooper when he was still in my belly. Well it fits him now so I put him in it yesterday and took his pic for his Auntie Jo. I don't think it will still fit when we actually visit Panchos in Sept.... so we'll enjoy it's cuteness now. We are looking forward to Pismo with the Kurtz Family in the middle of Sept.

Just like Daddy

On Sunday Dave and Cooper wore matching outfits to church. Our little man looks just like his daddy!

Saturday, August 2, 2008

Cousin Te'ah and Monterey for the Day

So yesterday we drove to Salinas to meet our new cousin Te'ah Marianne Edeza. She is so little and so cute. I can't believe Mr. Cooper was ever that small. She opened her eyes a little for us and Cooper had fun trying out some of her toys. We can't wait to see her again in a few weeks at her shower. She will be so different even then. Her parents are so proud and we are super excited for them to expereience parenthood!

The Great Grandparents!

3 Generations!

In the afternoon we drove over to Monterey and enjoyed Fish & Chips on Cannery Row. We walked around enjoying the cool coastal weather and beautiful view. In the evening we saw Grandma and Grandpa Lebda. It was a long day, but lots of fun seeing family and getting out of the Fresno heat!