Friday, November 30, 2007

Lunch at Rhema

I went to lunch today with my friend Stephanie. Her and I work together at Estancia and I miss talking to her since I've been off work. It was good to catch up. We ate at this new restaurant on Cedar and Shepard called Rhema. They have really good food, just a little too expensive for dinner. So it's a great place to go for lunch. Their lunch menu is very reasonable and you still get the same great food!

Thursday, November 29, 2007

Ju Ju Be Bag

So I am really excited about my diaper bag. It's a Ju Ju Be brand bag and I got it at Nordstrom's in San Francisco. The sales girl told me it's the same bag Britney Spears carries for her boys, but don't worry that wasn't the selling point for me. It's a super nice bag. This is what it looks like and right now mines all packed and ready to go to the hospital.
But today I ordered a really cute accessory for it. A little purse to put my stuff in. It matches the bag, but it's purple! Now I am really going to be excited to take Cooper shopping with me.

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Letter to Oprah

So I did it. I wrote a letter to Oprah asking for her help in my fight against Target's stupid return policy. Who knows if those emails get read or how much Target pays her for advertising? But we'll see if I get a response back. I'm writing to Rachel Ray next! There's gotta be some celebrity out there that can help us little customers voice our opinions. I'll keep you posted.

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

The 1st 3D view fo Baby Cooper

Yesterday we had an ultrasound at the Doctor's office to make sure Cooper was big enough. She gave us a 3D pic of him. He was such a snoozer so she could only get a partial pic. He has his little arms all curled up around his face. Funny, cause this is exactly how I sleep each night. Good news was he is measuring at 6.5 lbs and the Dr. said he can come any time now and everything will be fine! Dave and I can't wait to see him out of the womb.

How to "Stick it to Target?"

I am so fed up with the horrible return policy at Target. Not shopping there is just not an option, but how do we fight back? For those of you who don't know, Target only allows you to return items without a receipt up to twice a year and no more than $20 each. Since I registered there I have gotten lots of baby gifts that I couldn't return because I didn't have a receipt or gift receipt. So I have complained to everyone I know and wrote a letter on a consumer website, but I reached the ultimate frustration level with this stupid policy yesterday. I had a pack of baby beanies that I knew I was keeping so of course I didnt' keep track of the receipt but when I opened them 2 days ago to wash them in preparation for little Cooper's arrival, one of them was unraveling. So I took my defective product back to Target and asked if I could simply exchange them for an un-defective product. I was told since I didn't have a receipt or gift receipt I couldn't return them because I had already returned my 2 items for the year. So on the verge of tears I left, fed up. Today I will try again and this time I will ask for a manager. But my question is this, "How do we fight back as consumers?" I am thinking a letter to Oprah, or Rachel Ray. I just don't know what to do, but I can tell you I feel completely helpless against this huge company that I once stood by for their generous community donations and excellent costumer service. Let me know if you have any ideas.

Sunday, November 25, 2007

I am so Thankful for Friends and Family

We are so blessed to have such awesome Friends and Family. On Wednesday night we kicked off our Thanksgiving holiday with the annual "Friends Thanksgiving" at the Bogies. It was so great to see friends we don't see very often and of course those that we do. (Dave and I were sad we weren't going to be able to hang out with all of them at the Clovis High 10 yr reunion. )
On thurs. we headed out to Kerman to spend time with my family. We ate at both Grandmas' houses and hung out with cousins. It's nice to just show up and consume, we didn't have to make anything and we enjoyed way too much yummy food!
On Frid. we drove up to Prather with the Lebdas, had lunch at good 'ol Bill's Pizza Factory and then had dinner that night at our house.
On Sat. we went to a birthday party for Robin Cooper's little girl, Carly. She is so cute. It was fun to watch her open all her cute little girl clothes. That night we joined the James and friends for Blake's birthday. We went to Edwards to see No Country For Old Men. It was horrible! That's right please don't waste your money or time on this movie. You can check out the trailer at the following website. I had no idea what is was about.
Finally we ended our Thanksgiving of Friends and Family today by going to church and then hanging out at the Hales this afternoon with Chad and Emma. It was so great to see them 1 last time before they head back to Romania.
We are so blessed and thankful to have so much love in our lives!

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Family Shower, shower #4 and the last of them!

I had my family shower this past Sun. It was a very nice shower with breakfast at Grand Ocasions. There were 40 people there so as you can imagine it took a while to open all those presents.... which by the way consisted of lots of clothes! Cooper is going to be the best dressed newborn on the block. I would expect lots of clothes with a girl but I didn't really expect quite so many outfits with a baby boy. It was fun and the food was good. Now we have all our "necessities" we just have to get everything organized for his arrival.

Friday, November 16, 2007

Who Will Take a Stand?

I heard this on Focus on the Family this morning and was brought to tears knowing we are the next generation Dr. Dobson is challenging. This is an excerpt from a eulogy he gave at Jim Kennedy's funeral in Sept.
Who will defend the unborn child in years to come? Who will speak for the aged who are no longer productive? Who will plead for the Terri Schiavos of the world who can be starved to death legally for having the misfortune of being disabled? Who's going to fight for the institution of marriage, which is on the ropes today? Who will teach young people the dangers and the evils of both heterosexual and homosexual promiscuity? Who in the next generation will be willing to take the heat, when it is so much safer and more comfortable to avoid controversial subjects? Who is going to defend traditional morality in a culture that is sliding into moral decline? Who will call sin by its name, and lead a nation to repentance and holiness? Some ministers, but thankfully not the majority of them, are inclined to edit out the unpleasant themes of the Bible to avoid irritating their constituents. They sometimes boast about not being "political," when what they really mean is that they aren't willing to be vilified and disparaged for speaking the truth in love. What will be the impact on the conservative Christian church when today's patriarchs have passed from the scene?
I pray that the Lord will anoint a new generation of Jim Kennedys – courageous men and women who will not waver an inch in the defense of righteousness. I believe we're going to see these new leaders emerge in the next few years, and that the mantle handed down from my respected and loved friend, among many others, will be received and cherished by those who are willing to die, if necessary, for what they believe.

I wanted to stand and say "I will, we will, we just need to be given the chance"
The entire article can be found at

I'm just a pregnant lady trying to pass the time...

So this is what my dining room looks like right now. I am sewing spa pillows to sell at Estancia and make a little extra money while I am off and before the baby comes. However I think I got in a little over my head. They are taking way longer than I had anticipated. I do have to say it makes my day at home fly by, so if anything it's helping this pregnant lady pass the time.

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Desperation Band - Refuse to be denied

Ok, so this is the band that leads worship at Robby and Jo's new church in Colorado. It's the Desperation Band at New Life church. In our quest to make PC3 the service God has given us the vision for this is certainly the type of worship we long for. Why are there no churches in Fresno with passionate worship like this? Why is it so difficult for us to be a part of creating a worship service like this? Why do we feel like we have to travel far and wide, or pay money to go to a concert, where people are passionately singing to our God!

Monday, November 12, 2007

My 1st Blog Post!

So I was finally talked into setting up a blog. I have enjoyed keeping up with friends through their blogs and with little Cooper here in just 5 weeks I feel the need to post about our lives too! Last night we got home from going to the Charlie Hall concert in Visalia with the Freses and the Hales and Dave and I were in the mood for a little late night treat. He chose a bowl of Crunch Berries cereal and I had hot chocolate w/ whipped cream in my favorite purple mug.